Friday, January 27, 2012

Misogyny or Art imitating life? The Woman movie review

The Woman is basically a story of a feral woman that is caught by a father of two. He takes her to his home and decides he is going to civilize her. Mostly by keeping her chained up in his cellar. Well what does that say about him? That is the real story of this movie. How dysfunctional is this guys family? Well we find out during the course of the film.
Apparently this film has been getting some flack over the misogynistic overtones. But I found nothing about this movie hard to watch. That’s what I love about all the Jack Ketchum novels that have been made into movies. They explore true human evil. They don’t rely on a crazy slasher or some supernatural evil. They tell horror stories based on the despicable things people do unto each other. I highly recommend this movie if your looking for something different.

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