Friday, September 13, 2013

The Battery (2012) movie review

The Battery (2012) was not only written and directed by Jeremy Gardner he also stars as one of the baseball playing, post apocalyptic friends in this zombie film. When you have a micro budget (apparently 6,000 dollars) you have to be creative. Gardner does not fail in that respect. He sets up some great scenes and tension. Imagine the Dazed and Confused episode of The Walking Dead.  Check out the films website This IMDB thread has additional information about the film.


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Please Read

Just under 2 years ago I started a YouTube channel. Cauwel3 was started as sort of an experiment. I had made a video with my children that involved me making a motorized mouse. I needed a place to post it and turned to an old YouTube account. Somehow that led me to start looking at movie reviews and just wanting to throw my opinion out there. As I investigated, I learned that you could explore your passions on YouTube and some people were actually making a few bucks. Besides all that I am a fan of Ray Kurzweil's book  The Singularity Is Near and kind of have this strange idea of becoming some sort of digital oracle after I am dead. But I will save that for future postings. So I decided why not give it a shot make a couple of videos and see what kind of reaction I get.

That brings me to now. In those 2 years I have made over 200 videos and gained almost 1000 subscribers. I have even made it onto a few other channels. Welivefilm is a channel and website I have appeared on regularly over the last year. Creating video reviews for all kinds of movies. Getting to work with great people and making some friends along the way. But all good websites need writers and that is were we get to the point of this post. I need to practice writing reviews and everything else. That is where this blog is going to come in. I am going to be writing posts, practicing my writing skills and hopefully keeping some of your attention.