Thursday, April 7, 2016

I bought my own domain!

I finally bought my YouTube name as a domain name! Cauwel3 is now a thing and I'm sort of excited, I guess.
Going into my 5th year on YouTube and after getting a new, better job I decided to upgrade and make something else come into reality. The site is not the greatest. I think it needs a lot of work. But it's here.
A couple new video reviews you might want to check out . I would love to get some feedback on the layout of the web site.

1.They Look Like People -"Suspecting that people around him are turning into evil creatures, a troubled man questions whether to protect his only friend from an impending war, or from himself."-IMDB
2.Baskin -"A squad of unsuspecting cops goes through a trapdoor to Hell when they stumble upon a Black Mass in an abandoned building."-IMDB
3.The Hidden- "An alien parasite with the ability to possess human bodies goes on a violent crime spree in LA, pursued by a human cop and an alien cop inhabiting a human body."- IMDB

All three are great examples of different types of horror films.